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Bando India is the Indian sales, marketing and manufacturing subsidiary of Bando Chemical Industries.

Bando Chemical Industries, with 16 countries and 21 locations, is headquartered in Kobe, Japan and for more than 100 years has been pioneering technologies and development of all types of power transmission products.

Bando is a global leader in manufacturing world class power transmission belts to both industrial and automotive OEMs’ as well as an international network of industrial and automotive aftermarket distributors.

Quality, Service and Value are the foundation of the Bando philosophy. With a core focus on building products that are safe and environmentally friendly for society.


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Why Bando?

In the 100-plus years since its founding in Japan in 1906, Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd. has been pursuing industrial development by making various contributions to rubber and plastic processing technologies in such areas as power transmission belts and systems, belts used in precision equipment, and multimedia parts made from urethane and resins.

We are highly regarded by customers throughout the world owing to our efforts to develop new technologies and products that meet today’s needs while manufacturing and stably supplying people- and environmentally-friendly products of unsurpassed performance and quality.

Possessing an unwavering spirit spanning back to our foundation, we will create a brighter future through the ceaseless innovation of our business.
Bando Management Philosophy

With a spirit of harmony and in good faith,
and to ensure the company's growth,
the Bando Group will work to earn the trust
of our customers and society
by creating and providing products and services
of added value and high quality.
With pride as members of the Bando Group,
we will contribute to society as a whole.

We invite you to join our organization whose forte is its ethics & values, which are reflected through our actions & people practices.

Hence forth you are welcome to send us an application; we will consider the possibilities of offering you employment when we have a suitable vacancy. Your application will be kept in our job bank for a period of three months.

Please fill up the following information or send us your updated bio data to our HR Department:
Email Id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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